Ear & Hearing 

Ear Blockage or other Conditions and Hearing Problem is very common among Adults & Children. The ear has three parts – the outer, middle and inner ear.

Common outer ear problems are ear wax blockage and infection.

Middle ear problems include infection, hearing loss and blockage.

Inner ear problems can cause dizziness, vertigo and hearing loss. Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) can be due to outer, middle or inner conditions.

For all the Ear & Hearing related conditions, Our ENT Specialist Dr K O Chan will do a detailed examination of patients Ear and provide with diagnosis & treatment options for Ear or Hearing Problem.

Ear & Hearing  Ent Conditions

  1. Earwax
  2. Middle Ear Infections
  3. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
  4. Hole in ear drum
  5. Cholesteatoma
  6. Hearing Loss
  7. Tinnitus
  8. Dizzines and Vertigo
  9. Meniere’s Disease
  10. Ramsay Hunt syndrome

Ear & Hearing Treatments

  1. Microscopic ear cleaning
  2. Insertion of ear tubes
  3. Ear drum repair surgery
  4. Surgery for hearing loss
  5. Mastoid surgery

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