Children ENT Conditions & Treatment

ENT problem in children required more attention and appropriate treatment options. Children’s are more vulnerable to infections, leading to ear, nose and throat (ENT) problems.

Common ENT conditions in children include Tonsils & Adenoids, Ear Problem, Allergy, snoring – Sleep Apnea, ear infection, nose bleed.

Tonsils and adenoids

Tonsils & Adenoids are mainly collections of lymphoid tissues, that helps body fight infection, they prohibit bacteria and viruses entering the throat and produces antibodies.

In some children after many infections tonsils & adenoids often become enlarges, and it interferes with breathing. Some enlarge adenoids also affect the tubes that connect the middle ears and the back of the nose.

When tonsils & adenoids become too large, they need to be treated by ENT Specialist.

Nasal or Nose Allergy – Allergy Rhinitis

Nasal Allergy or Nose Allergy is a very common problem in children. Main symptoms include blocked nose, runny nose, sneezing, congestions, itchy eyes.

Nasal Allergy in children sometimes extends beyond the runny nose, and it leads to a sinus infection or ear infections. Accurate diagnosis and treatment are necessary. visiting Paediatric ENT Doctor to treat Nose Allergy and Sinus in Children.

Snoring and sleep apnea management

Sleep Apnea is an ailment where a child is not able to breathe well when he/she sleeps. It happens when something obstructs or blocks the upper airway. This can result in making child sleep deprived of healthy and restful sleep. If this condition remains untreated it can lead to behaviour, growth and learning problem.

For Diagnosis and Treatment of Snoring and Sleep Apnea in Children, ENT Doctor will do a Sleep study to understand more about the child’s sleep pattern, eye movement, heart rate, breathing patterns, snoring, body movements and sleep positions before deciding treatment options.

Ear infections

An ear infection is a common problem in younger children, the primary reason for an ear infection is sometimes prolonged cold or impacted earwax. Ear infection in children can be classified into three types.

External ear infection: main symptoms for this is pain and discharge from the ear canal. A child may feel blocked ear and hearing problem. This infection is caused by bacteria and in some cased fungi.

Middle Ear Infection/ Otitis Media: This is the most common ear infection is middle ear infection also known as otitis media caused by virus or bacteria. The eustachian tube connects the middle ear with the back of the throat. Germs travel from the back of the throat when the eustachian tube is swollen from a cold or allergy, triggering an infection in the middle ear. Otitis media is usually painless but it may affect hearing and give a sensation of blocked ears.

Inner Ear Infection:  In this type of infection, hearing organ get infected by virus or bacteria, and Child can experience dizziness, hearing loss, ringing ears/Tinnitus.

Paediatric ENT Doctor will examine the child and diagnose the infection along with the treatment option for any of the above conditions.

Ear Wax

Everyone has ear was, it contains a natural chemical to kill germs and keeps dust off the eardrum and protects the lining of the ear canal. Usually, the ear is designed to self-clean. But in case of earwax doesn’t clean by itself due to various reasons and accumulates in the ear canal it gets obstructed. This can cause reduce hearing or hearing loss when ear wax completely obstructs ear canal.

An ENT doctor will examine the child’s ear and suggest treatment.

Hearing problem

The hearing problem in children can be not always hearing loss, it can be due to multiple reasons such as blocked ears or foreign object in-ear, infection in the middle ear or inner ear, inner ear deafness. A hearing problem can affect a child’s language development and sometimes behavioural problem.

Children ENT Doctor will examine ear to assess the reason for the hearing problem and then provide appropriate hearing test or treatment.

Nose Bleed

Nose Bleed is a common problem in children, it happens when membranes lining of the inner nose are disturbed to cause abnormal bleeding, Nose bleed is called Epistaxis in medical term.

Reason for the nose bleed can be a common cold, dryness of nasal lining or injuries or sometimes nose bleed is caused by tumours.

ENT Doctor will examine the child to eliminate the presence of any medical conditions.

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