Voice and Throat

Hoarseness is due to a voice box (larynx) problem. Common voice box problems include infection (laryngitis), vocal cord nodules or cysts and rarely, cancer.

Throat problems usually present with difficulty or painful swallowing or a lump in the throat sensation. Common throat disorders include acid reflux, infections or rarely, throat cancer.

Hoarseness or throat symptoms that persist for more than a few weeks should have a nasopharyngoscopy done to determine the cause of the problem.

Voice & Throat Conditions

  1. Acid Reflux
  2. Chronic Cough
  3. Vocal Cord Nodules
  4. Cancer of the Larynx (Voice Box)
  5. Tonsils and Adenoids

DIagnosis & Treatments for Voicec & Throat Conditions

  1. Full video endoscopic examination of the throat
  2. Throat and voice box cancer screening
  3. Anti-reflux therapy
  4. Speech therapy
  5. Voice box surgery